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Annette Abell

All true...I get the sense from large CF gyms that there is a heightened sense of competition--which we have at CrossFit Fairport, don't get me wrong--but that elsewhere there is a greater likelihood that new members may be intimidated by it. In addition, I've experienced a bit of clique-ness when visiting other gyms locally and across the nation on business travel. Maybe I'm being too sensitive but I hope others who visit CFF get the same welcome feeling day free day that I get.

Susan McGuigan

Ya know I just had a conversation with my son today, who is also a crossfitter and I told him that at 52 I have finally found a place where for however long the WOD is I forget everything in my life...good, bad and ugly and enjoy the pain, successes and friendships of everyone there. So thank you to EVERYONE at CFF, I finally have found my little piece of Heaven or should I say Hell :)

Mac Millar

I love this and I live CFF!!


Rochester as a community is fortunate because they have many great CrossFit gyms to choose from. I have always felt comfortable and welcome at other area gyms and have many great friends across them. And now it's so cool that we have started this great CrossFit community of our own!

Jill Skeddle

I don't know if this sense of family would exist without our wonderful trainers who allow us to be ourselves while at the same time keeping us focused on improvement. You accept our personal goals and don't expect them to be the same as the person standing next to us.You understand our barriers and gently help us overcome them. There is constant encouragement and celebration with each accomplishment.You have set the example for us to follow....and everyone that stays with us adds something very special to what you've created for us. Thank you!!

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